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Continuity remains a major challenge; all the more so when your company migrates your servers to a Datacenter.

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Having your IT environment always online and available may seem obvious, but it certainly is not. Continuity remains a major challenge; all the more so when your company migrates your servers to a data centre.

Server migration: how do you guarantee a smooth transition?

To ensure continuity, you place high demands on your server space, infrastructure and personnel. Being alert 24/7 to stable connections and secure housing takes a great deal of time and money. And what about downtime? For many companies this means that virtually all work grinds to a halt, with the resulting financial consequences. The solution for greater stability and certainty: server migration to one of our datacenters.

Moving your IT infrastructure unburdens your company and your staff and maximises your uptime. Our extensive range of housing options guarantees a solution to suit every company.

Your server migration arranged down to the last detail

A migration is a complex task for which there is never a convenient time. Planning it takes time, which you may not have. Our relocation service, combining all our knowledge and experience of relocating IT infrastructures, smooths the process of moving to our datacenter. We examine your specific situation and discuss the configuration of the racks and the necessary cabling with you. Once all the steps to be taken are clear, we schedule the server migration at a time that is most convenient for you. We also assist you during the actual relocation with the professional support to ensure the move goes entirely according to plan and as agreed with you. That is the advantage of a care-free service.

Everything in house for a smooth migration

Our datacenters are fully equipped to facilitate easy moving and installation of servers:

  • A loading bay is provided for unloading your equipment;
  • Our premises are entirely barrier-free and without thresholds;
  • There are trolleys for moving your equipment with ease;
  • Materials and tools are available for you to rent or purchase;
  • You have the option of storing your equipment or materials in a secure storage area.

Migration possible 365 days a year

You can migrate your server(s) to Dataplace at any time during the year. If you would like to know more about moving to our datacenter, please contact us to discuss the options and to prepare the migration.

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Would you like to know more about our services?

We are glad to be of assistance.