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5 benefits of Smart Industry for manufacturing companies

Smart Industry is a popular trend within manufacturing companies. 


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Smart Industry is a popular trend within manufacturing companies. Data integration makes it possible for production systems to work together and react to live changes in the company, at the customer or in the supply chain. In this blog we share 5 benefits of deploying Smart Industry and how data centers enable the transition.

1. Better quality and increased productivity

Digitization reduces the chance of human errors and failure. It makes it possible to monitor the process and performance so that you have a higher yield and better use of resources.

2. Less operational costs

Machines indicate themselves when maintenance is required, which means that you have to carry out less expensive repairs. Research has even shown that operating costs are reduced by 40%.

3. More insights

Because machines are autonomous and communicate with each other, a lot of data is generated, which makes many analyzes possible. This gives you real-time insight into the hours and numbers and you can adjust your planning accordingly.

4. Higher Customer Satisfaction

With Smart Industry it is possible to produce more according to the wishes of the customer. In addition, it is possible to estimate delivery times more accurately and you can integrate the digital systems with those of customers. As a result, they automatically receive a message when the products are ready for transport.

5. Higher employee satisfaction

Young talent is used to the most modern technology. Do you still work 'old school' as a production company? Then you have less chance of attracting young talent. Modern technology also ensures fewer errors, problems and less contact with dissatisfied customers.

How do you make the step to Smart Industry? 

An important challenge in the transition to smart industry is that a lot of data can be released. Lots of dates. As a production company you want to handle this wisely. Important conditions are that the data is securely stored in the cloud and that you can retrieve real-time data for analysis. When you decide to store your data in a Dataplace data center, you benefit from maximum connectivity ensuring accurate forecasts. 

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