Service Level Agreement

As our customer, you place high demands on our equipment, systems, infrastructure and services. We do too.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Not satisfied with just promising you to keep your IT environment operational 24/7, we also like to agree clear commitments with you in that regard. Commitments we always keep - one of the reasons why our customers remain loyal to us. We lay down the agreements we make with you regarding our services in a Service Level Agreement. Because clear, unambiguous agreements are important to you when it comes to outhousing your servers. A detailed Service Level Agreement allows us to create clarity and trust. No grey areas. No uncertainties.

What is the Service Level Agreement?

In a Service Level Agreement (SLA) we describe in detail the agreements made regarding our services. Clear agreements, with no room for double meanings or dual interpretation. So that everyone knows what can be expected from each other. And what actions will be taken, in every imaginable situation. The SLA is also the perfect place for detailing customised arrangements and the agreements relating to them. Our SLA covers the following items, among other things:

Service descriptions

A full listing of the work and services falling within the scope of the services to be provided. All the work and services are unambiguously described.

Definition of responsibilities

What responsibilities are borne by all the parties concerned? What may we expect from one another and what falls outside the scope of everyone's responsibilities?

Performance levels

Includes a description of the performance requirements set for the service, such as availability, response time, maintenance cycles, security and problem recovery.

Contingency matrix

What measures are to be implemented in case of a failure or malfunction? We set out clearly what actions will be taken and who is responsible for what.


What support is the customer entitled to expect from Dataplace? This too is described in detail in the SLA.

Specific arrangements

We understand that every organisation works differently and that every IT environment is unique. If arrangements are required which do not form a standard part of what is agreed in the SLA, then we discuss how to provide for them. So that you always know exactly where you stand.

Want to know more about entering into an SLA?

Simply contact Dataplace to discuss the options for laying down a Service Level Agreement.